I’m a mermaid,

Day Top Bottom
Odd Fish Human
Even Human Fish
Figure 1: The Mermatrix.

but only part-time.

I guess there just aren’t a lot of full-time mermaid positions available in Idaho.

Blank Map of Idaho
Figure 2: Idaho. Mermaid population: 1+.

I struggle to fulfill the demands of my position in a landlocked state, but I scrape by on a room full of seashells and sand dollars.

This is the only job I've known since my skin felt saltwater for the first time.

I am a mermaid who fought my creator, a sea god.

A lesser god, never in love with the sea, but his temper was as turbulent as her storms, crushing little boats between heavy hands.

Yet there is a difference. The ocean drowns all sailors just the same.

My father only ever hit me.

The land would not have me, the god of the sea would kill me, and I am drowning underneath the weight of both.